Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Same Location, Similar Woes

Bill Williams of 98.5 The Cat reported this afternoon that the New York State Police in Livingston conducted an "Underage Drinking Initiative"--in other words, a sting--yesterday at twenty-two retail stores throughout Columbia County: "Underage drinking sting in Columbia County." Only two of the twenty-two stores were in Hudson--the Beer Store at 40 Green Street and Lucky's Gas Station at 718 Columbia Street--but, alas, the only place where the underaged buyer was able to purchase alcohol was the Beer Store. 

Coincidentally, the Beer Store is located in the same building as the ill-fated Fine Wines & Liquors, which lost its liquor license in the summer of 2014 because the licensee of record was not involved in the day-to-day operation of the business and adequate records of business transacted had not been kept. Curiously, the woman arrested yesterday at the Beer Store, Ankita Patel, has the same last name as Aanal Patel, the absentee licensee at Fine Wines & Liquors, and Dharmesh Patel, the ersatz manager of Fine Wines & Liquors back in 2014.


  1. Ah, but there are so many Patels! PBS recently broadcast Meet the Patels, which was sweet and so very funny, mostly funny, about the gigantic Patel “family” in America. I highly recommend it:

  2. I've heard so many versions of Gov't Programs offered to people to open businesses in NYS.
    From tax exempt for so many years, 250k loans that can be flipped into millions, to ownership for "x" amount of time then flipping to cousin, etc.
    Just how does one find out the TRUTH.

  3. What a disgusting waste of taxpayer money.