Saturday, January 7, 2017

A New Image of the Gifford Foundry

The Gifford Foundry and Machine Shop, which was located at the intersection of Columbia, State, and Green streets, was one of the more extraordinary buildings in Hudson. Gossips has published pictures of it before, but none does it justice. 

There is this one, which Byrne Fone used in his book Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait. The picture was taken after the dawn of the automobile, when building had become William Petry's Hudson Garage. Unfortunately, in this picture, the extraordinary curved wall of the building appears to be two walls meeting at a right angle.

Then, there is this picture, which appeared in the 1905 booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y. The picture is good, but the quality of the image--a scan of a photocopy of the original book--is not.

Next, there is this picture, taken in 1915, after the Gifford-Wood Company had moved to its new location at the end of Hudson Avenue, and the ground floor of the building was being used as the showroom for William Petry's automobile business. Again, the quality of the image, which originally appeared in a newspaper and was copied from microfilm, is sorely lacking.

Today, though, Gossips had the good fortune to discover this image of the building, labeled "Gifford Bros. Iron Founders 1870." Quite the best one yet.



  1. Yes, that is the way I remember it---the last photo.

  2. The curve of the bldg. was similar to 25% or 90 degrees of a circle.
    The structure was quite impressive when approaching it from upper Green & Columbia sts.