Saturday, January 14, 2017

Listen to the Meeting

An audio recording of the January 12 Planning Board meeting, which went on for two hours, is now available here on the WGXC website. The discussion of the Colarusso haul road begins around 1:02.

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  1. City of Hudson Planning Board member Carmine Pierro expressing solidarity with Environmental Justice and infrastructure concerns at the January 12, 2017 Planning Board meeting (from audio excerpts):

    "That truck route goes through every Ward right now in the City of Hudson. It goes through the most densely populous parts of the City.

    "But, I would guess, and I'm only guessing, 1500 people / 2000 people live on the truck route comes down through the City. If the causeway is used, how many people are impacted in the City of Hudson? ..."

    "They're trying to spend all this money to do this truck route come down that causeway, okay? ..."

    "It comes down to - everybody wants to talk 'environmental' - Environmental Justice for the residents of the City of Hudson.

    "Our infrastructure. The trucks at Columbia Street. You can ask the DPW Superintendent, the repairs that have to be done. It's an old City. ..."