Thursday, January 19, 2017

Remembering a Building Lost

Like Frank Forshew in the 19th century, whose legacy is the Rowles Studio Collection, acclaimed photographer Lynn Davis is the documenter of Hudson and its architecture. Her monumental Warren Street Project captured the buildings on Warren Street as they were in the mid-1990s. Amazingly and mercifully, only two of 300 buildings photographed for that collection no longer exist. 

Sometimes, though, Davis's photographs document our losses. This morning, she sent me this photograph, taken on April 14, 2014, of the last Hudson River Knitting Mill building.

Copyright © Lynn Davis
As a memorial tribute to the building, Davis made a print of the photograph and posted it on the signboard next to the entrance to River City Community Garden, beside the pile of rubble that two days ago was this magnificent survivor of another century and a different time in Hudson.

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  1. The loss of the Knitting Mill building makes it all the more important to save the Dunn building as a potential home for the Sloop Club and Kite's Nest.