Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Of Interest (Perhaps Only to Me)

A Senate panel is scheduled to vote today on Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. On Saturday, there was a demonstration of protest against DeVos in her hometown, which is also my hometown, Holland, Michigan. The Daily Kos reported the crowd that marched around the perimeter of Centennial Park, Holland's public square, numbered more than 1,500: "March against Betsy DeVos in her hometown exceeds expectations."

Holland is located in southwestern Michigan, in Ottawa County, which, according to 24/7 Wall St, is the most Republican county in Michigan.

Update: An hour or so ago, the Chicago Tribune reported that the Health, Education, Pensions and Labor Committee "voted 12-11 along partisan lines" to support DeVos's nomination. It now goes to the full Senate for action.

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  1. I watched the hearing on C-Span and it became a nail-biter when Sen. Orin Hatch tried to vote "by proxy." The next 30 minutes was like a Hudson Common Council meeting and an NFL game as Chairman Alexander (a Republican), who would argue that Murray's objection was irrelevant because she didn't raise it when the proxy vote was cast (like a sideline coach having to call a red-flag review before the next play starts) called a recess as soon as Sen. Patty Murray (a Democrat) questioned the validity of the proxy (without it counting the vote was 11-11) and the Senators went on debating (in recess) with numerous Senate rules and parliamentary questions tossed around until the hearing resumed 15 minutes later, with more argument until, at 12:14, with Hatch present, a second vote was taken; and thus the 12-11 ending. It would be a good tape for a U.S. Government class. --p