Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pursuing an Obsession

We've seen evidence that the editor of the Hudson Daily Star was obsessed in 1851 with house numbers--or rather the lack of same--and Gossips has inherited that obsession. Several weeks ago, we published an item, which appeared in the Daily Star in May 1851, recounting the woes of gentleman contemplating a visit to Hudson who was discouraged by the arcane directions he'd been given to his destination and of servant girl from New York who had gotten lost trying to find the house she sought. 

Yesterday, our curiosity was piqued by this little item, which appeared in the Daily Star on August 4, 1851.

To my knowledge, houses were not renumbered in Hudson until 1888. What exactly did this 1851 ordinance do? 

The desire to know the answer sent me to City Hall to have a look at the Common Council minutes for 1851. The outcome was less than completely satisfying. The minutes for the Council meeting that took place on July 29, 1851, state: "Ald. McArthur presented an 'Ordinance for the numbering of Warren Street' which was read and passed." The text of the ordinance is not in included in the minutes.

At a special meeting of the Common Council, which took place the following week on August 6, the minutes report: "Ald. McArthur moved that the Ordinance for the numbering of Warren St. be so amended as to read 'An Ordinance for the numbering of the houses and lots in this City' which amendment was passed."

Still no text is given for the ordinance, but the search continues.

As an aside, in 1851, there were but two wards in Hudson: the First Ward and the Second Ward. Presumably, the First Ward was everything south of Warren Street, and the Second Ward was everything to the north. Alderman Abner H. McArthur represented the First Ward.

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  1. 1851 is also the year the railroad came to Hudson. Probably related events.