Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Kind of Stealth Gardening

Last summer, Gossips reported on the good kind of stealth gardening: planting and maintaining a garden on land that belongs to someone else. The setting for that happy tale was lower Union Street.

This summer, Gossips must report on the bad kind of stealth gardening: stealing plants, under cover of darkness, from other people's gardens. The setting for this tale, too, is lower Union Street.

Gossips has received word that on Monday night someone removed plants from a garden in the 200 block of Union Street. The culprit was accosted by a homeowner a bit farther up the block, who heard her digging up one of his rosebushes. An altercation ensued when the plant thief wanted to leave her tools in the victim's yard so she could come back for them later.   

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