Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hudson Political News

One true thing about Hudson politics is that you can't tell the players without a scorecard--at least you can't always tell which team they're playing for. The Register-Star reports today that the Republicans have announced their slate of candidates, which includes the husband-and-wife First Ward supervisor-alderman team of John Musall and Geeta Cheddie. Didn't they used to be Democrats or at least, in the case of Musall, run as Democrats? And then there's Glenn Martin, former Hudson police chief who now works for IBM and hence "understands the business paradigm." Martin will be running for Third Ward supervisor against Democrat-endorsed Ellen Thurston, who has decided, after three terms on the Common Council, to move on to the county level.  

The Register-Star also reports a shakeup in the Democrats' camp. It seems that Eileen Halloran, who early on declared she was not interested in running again for treasurer, a position she was initially appointed to in 2007, has changed her mind and intends to primary Don Moore to be the Democratic candidate. It will be remembered that Moore, too, had something of a last-minute change of heart about his political intentions. From the time Moore became the candidate for Common Council president back in 2009, he appeared to be the Democrats' heir presumptive to the mayor's office. Then in February, he surprised many by deciding that he didn't want to be mayor after all but instead wanted to be treasurer. Halloran's entry into the race will give Moore a run for the money.   

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