Monday, June 20, 2011

Democrats Reshuffle

Victor Mendolia, chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee, announced this evening what has been a topic of speculation and gossip for more than a week: changes in the Democratic ticket.

It all began with Eileen Halloran's announcement a couple weeks ago that she intended to seek reelection as city treasurer and was prepared to force a primary. Back on June 9, the day after Halloran unsuccessfully petitioned the Democratic Committee to change its endorsement, the Register-Star reported Mendolia as saying that "all of the committee's endorsements are final." Tonight's developments seem to put the lie to that statement.  

In a press release issued at 7:33 p.m., Mendolia announced the following endorsement changes: Halloran replaces Don Moore as the Democrats' candidate for city treasurer; Moore replaces Sarah Sterling as the candidate for Common Council president; Sterling replaces Michael O'Hara as the candidate for First Ward supervisor; and O'Hara, it seems, won't be running for anything this election season.   

Two out of three of the Democrats' citywide candidates have changed since the endorsements were first announced on March 27, and two out of three of the candidates in the First Ward have changed. At the end of May, the beleaguered Tim Rodgers withdrew from the race, and in his place, David Marston got the Democrats' endorsement as a candidate for alderman. Now Sarah Sterling replaces Michael O'Hara as the candidate for supervisor. The only candidate who has not been replaced is Larissa Parks, who was endorsed as a candidate for alderman. But there seems to be a change there, too. Tonight's press release refers to her not as Larissa Parks but as Larissa Thomas. What's in a name? No one in the First Ward seems to know who she is anyway.         

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