Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Story So Nice They Printed Some of It Twice

Jamie Larson reports today in the Register-Star that the Hudson Police Department is demanding compensation for two snow days last winter--December 27 and February 2: "Police, city dispute pay for snow day." The HPD and its union argue that, since the City's nonemergency workers got the two days off and were paid for those two days, everyone on the police force should be compensated for the two days as well--those who worked should be paid a second time, and those who weren't scheduled to work should be paid anyway. It is estimated that giving the officers the compensation they seek will cost the City $10,000, and Mayor Richard Scalera is quoted as saying the demand is "exceptionally greedy." It will be remembered that, about a year ago, the Register-Star reported that six of the seven City employees getting more than $70,000 a year were members of the police force. 

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