Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Things Come in Inappropriate Packages

Gossips spent last fall and early winter critiquing the frighteningly inappropriate storefronts being created at 226-228 Warren Street. Our opinion of their design and its execution hasn't changed, but we're thrilled by the businesses that will soon be opening there.

Last month, Gossips reported that The Dakota, the women's clothing store on Main Street in Chatham, was poised to open a Hudson branch in the 228 side of the building.

This week, Gossips noticed that a dog grooming salon called Pampered Pooch will soon be opening in the 226 side of the building.

Regular Gossips readers will recall that the beloved William doesn't like riding in the car. He also doesn't tolerate his human's attempts to bathe him in the shower or with a hose in the backyard. So Pampered Pooch is an answer to prayer. With a grooming salon right on our regular dog walk route, William can be well-groomed and dapper in his old age. Now all we need is for a vet to locate within the city limits of Hudson.  

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  1. Hear hear on the hopes of a good vet. well selfishly I'd wish for a nice vet clinic with a good exotics vet, but a dog grooming salon seems like a good idea. :)