Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not to Be Missed

Jamie Larson has an article in today's Register-Star about weddings performed and anticipated since the Marriage Equality Act passed late on Friday night: "Local gay couples launch wedding plans." In the article, Larson mentions the wedding of Dini Lamont (sic--whoops, Jamie, that should be Lamot) and Windle Davis, which took place on Saturday night during Musty Chiffon's concert with the Flesh Magnets at Club Helsinki, and the wedding being planned by Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce, to take place at the stroke of midnight on July 24 at TSL with Mayor Richard Scalera and LWRP attorney Cheryl Roberts officiating.      


  1. Before Priest Ubaldo Leli of the North American Old Catholic Church and hundreds of excited witnesses in the audience, Lamont, in a black dress and vale and Davis, in a top hat said “I do.”

    This marriage at least won't be a " vale" of tears.

  2. Sorry Dini. The extra N has been edited out of the online edition.

  3. Jamie, you may have edited out the extra N in a few places, but there are still some places where the name is spelled Lamont in the online article. The 12th and 14th paragraphs to help you find them.