Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word from the IDA Meeting

The Kaz building on Route 9 will be the setting for a press conference at 1 o'clock today announcing the pending sale of the building to Flanders Corporation, a company that designs manufactures, and sells air filters and related products.

This morning at the Columbia County Industrial Development Agency meeting, it was revealed that the sale of the building is expected to be finalized within the next two weeks. The IDA passed an inducement resolution this morning to consider a PILOT request that would reduce the property tax on the building by 25 percent for ten years and a request for exemption from mortgage tax and sales tax on equipment. 

Flanders Corporation plans to manufacture residential air filters in the former Kaz plant, which accounts for their interest in this location. There are major distribution centers for Target, Ace, Home Depot, and Walmart not far away. Production is scheduled to begin in late September, and it is expected that 150 employees will be hired immediately. The plant's full workforce is predicted to number between 200 and 300. 

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