Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday Night

It's rumored that some people leave town in the morning on the day of the Flag Day parade and don't come back until it's all over, but if you're contemplating doing that this year, Gossips encourages you to return in time for Spencer Day's concert at Stageworks--even though it means venturing into the heart of the postparade/prefireworks Flag Day festivities.

This is Spencer Day's third appearance in Hudson. The first time he was here, in 2008, performing at the Hudson Opera House, I wrote this review of the concert. His songs are witty and engaging, and hearing him perform them is a rewarding experience. So, at 7:30 on Saturday, turn your back on the Iron Eagles Air Show on the river and come to Stageworks for a glass of wine, and at 8 o'clock, shun the Mirage Band performing at riverfront park and come listen to Spencer Day.

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  1. Spencer is a fantastic performer and amazing artist! Do yourself a favor and make the time to see him. I worked with him on a movie years ago and his contribution to the film was nothing short of genius!