Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Vision for Hudson

Blouin Artinfo has an article about Marina Abramovic and her vision for the old Community Theater and for Hudson: "'It Reflects Her Obsession': OMA's Shohei Shigematsu on Building Marina Abramovic's Performance Palace."


  1. Oops, $20 million budget maybe - good luck. And so the rumor about Andre Balzas was true - not that it has come to anything yet. At least she has great vision.

  2. So performance art is going to transform Hudson. Where will the poor people go?

    And at a minimum of 6 hours per performance, imbot sure if I feel more sorry for the performer or the audience.

    $20 million just to build this thing? I do not think this is going to happen.

    -- Jock Spivy

  3. Jock - I believe the poor people will go into GALVINs new approach towards subsidized housing with a "historical facade."

  4. Jock and Vincent: I have to take issue with the assumption that poor people HAVE to live in Hudson. Most of them, it seems, have a very low opinion of Hudson and would rather live someplace else.

  5. Its not that the poor people have to live in Hudson - its that Hudson is overwhelmed with housing built and being built for them - wether they like it or not. Government subsidies in this town is big business while the rest of us smucks struggle to work to pay our more than fair share of taxes - in a town thats 1/3 off the tax rolls and a school rated among the lowest in the state @ $22,000. / kid.