Monday, February 6, 2012

Hudson's Romance with the Parking Meter

A few weeks ago, the Register-Star reported that in 2011 the City of Hudson realized half a million dollars in revenue from parking meters and parking fees and fines. As luck would have it, half a million is just enough to pay the City's annual contribution to the police pension fund.

Recently, I stumbled on this little item in the Hudson Evening Register for July 31, 1941. It reports the "take" from the parking meters in the early days of their residency on the commercial streets of Hudson. 


The parking meter collection has been increased by $164.98 as the result of another "take" from the 99 boxes on Warren street. City Treasurer William H. Clapp announced today.

The money represents the deposits made in the Warren street boxes from July 25 to July 30 and is the first collection for the second month of the meter operations.

Mr. Clapp said $120.45 was collected in nickels and $44.53 represented the number of pennies taken in.

Tomorrow, the police will pick up the boxes from the 67 meters located on Seventh street, Park place and Columbia street.

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