Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Ado About 25 Railroad Avenue

Although the results of the Phrase II Environmental Study may not have been received yet, Anthony Concra and the City of Hudson are trying to clear title to the property so that Concra can sell it. 

Concra bought the land on which 25 Railroad Avenue was built from the Hudson Development Corporation in 1990. When the building was constructed in 1991, he was granted a PILOT by the City of Hudson and a lease. Now, since the records cannot be located, it is unclear whether or not Concra made all the required payments to the City over the past two decades. Tom Casey has the story in today's Register-Star: "Does Concra owe city $15K?"   

Unfortunately, Casey identified the group gathered at City Hall on Tuesday incorrectly. It was not the Finance Committee but the Hudson Industrial Development Agency. Because there was no quorum, Mayor William Hallenbeck described the confab as a "work session" rather than a meeting. Hallenbeck, Treasurer Eileen Halloran, and Sole Assessor Garth Slocum were present, along with HIDA attorney Christine Chale, but--like the records--Common Council Majority Leader Cappy Pierro, Minority Leader Ohrine Stewart, and Planning Commission chair Don Tillson were missing.  

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