Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food, Glorious Food

The Indoor Farmers' Market is returning to Christ Church on March 3, where it will be every Saturday until May 12, Mother's Day weekend, at which time the market will return to its regular location at Sixth and Columbia streets. Meanwhile, LICK The Market will remain open through the month of March, after which (we hope) the ice cream will return. Aren't these wonderful signs that winter--mild as it has been--is almost over?


  1. Carole, Lick IS selling ice cream! Ed and I got a pint of their caramel-pretzel this past Sunday and their run raisin last week-end. So you can purchase the makings of an entire meal there plus ice cream for dessert.

  2. I know they are selling ice cream now, Manda, but I was referring to when the shop is devoted entirely to ice cream, and William can get a cup of Betsy's Bow Wow . . . in other words, summertime!