Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's in Store for the Old Community Theater?

This post appeared yesterday on the blog Vulture: "Rem Koolhaas to Build Marina Abramovic’s New Museum of Performance Art."   

See also Sam Pratt's comments: "Abramovic bringing Koolhaas to Hudson."

Thanks to Katy Cashen who brought this to Gossips' attention.


  1. Incredible news, I'm downright slap happy. Going to reread Delirious New York in celebration. Hudson!!

  2. Excellent news and pretty much right out my back door!

  3. "What would Hudson do if a truly famous architect wanted to build something cutting-edge here? " Sam Pratt - on his blog, raises some interesting questions about how HPC would
    appoarch this project.
    I could be way off ,but my feeling is, that this project by Rem Koolhass will be more along the lines of his 1999 Second Stage space in NYC .
    "This 296-seat, 17,000 square-foot space was designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem
    Koolhaas, in collaboration with New York-based architect Richard Gluckman. A converted
    historic bank building, the new space tripled Second Stage's audience capacity and
    significantly increased the production facilities for large-scale shows." from Second Stage press
    Rem Koolhaas quote on that project
    "Theater is an urban expression,yet the theater itself is usally isolated from the city.But Second Stage Theater leased an old bank building on Eigth Avenue:a beautiful space with a spectacular view over the city.As architects,we have tried to take nothing away from its aura:we insert a single wedge in such a way that it performs all the tasks necessary to turn the space into a theater.
    It accommodates the seating,defines foyer and stage.The windows remain-usually they will be
    blocked out,but sometimes the backdrop-so that second Stage theater will be the only theater to claim Manhattan itself as a backdrop."
    Rem Koolhaas