Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not to Be Missed

The Register-Star reports this morning that Rick's Point will have a sign to identify it. There's even a picture of the proposed sign, which will replicate the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park signs, designed by Tom Mabley, that were installed when the park was dedicated during the Quadricentennical.  


  1. What's Rick's point?
    There are 2 working days left for Crawford &Assoc of Hudson,
    that Scalera consistently employs for us& now the County,to present Phase II environmental safety findings on 25 Railroad Ave. leaving only Sat the 4th for Columbia Board of Supervisors to decide if they let option expire & loose
    $120.000.of our money that's been on deposit for 1yr& 6mo for Walmart Bld, deadline Feb 5th
    Supervisor Roy Brown R-Germantown said he was “a little disappointed” that the Phase II
    study has not been completed.Supervisor Raymond Staats, D-Clermont said"Without having
    the Phase II environmental study results, I think it’s foolish to let it expire if we can extend the option at no extra cost.”Board of Supervisors Chairman Pat Grattan, R-Kinderhook said Phase II would be done in a week or two?
    No responsible decision can be made without those findings.Scalera knows that.
    That deadline was no surprise.So his stall tactics with Crawford& Assoc ,complicit or not, has taken the Board hostage.Whether or not buying Walmart or 25 Rail Rd are options ,isn't Scalera's to decide. "In my opinion, the environmental study will say the property[25 Railroad] is suitable to remain." Scalera 1/31/2011 Reg.Star
    His opinion? Phase II study at the Railroad Avenue site has forced the county to delay any
    action except loose our 120G's
    So meanwhile, Rick and Bill are down at the riverfront, wasting Columbia Countie's time&money,not just Hudson's with this pointless self-aggrandizing.
    Get"eddiebrown" to build an edifice for Rick out of the gravel that spills from O&G trucks all over our streets.
    His true legacy

  2. Correction"In my opinion, the environmental study will say the property[25 Railroad] is suitable to remain." Scalera 1/31/2012 Reg.Star
    (not 2011)

  3. Crawford and assoc are always complicit - the winner in every no bid contract this town thrives on.

  4. One little correction--Tom Mabley did not do the graphic design on the sign announcing Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, although he did write the copy. Handsome, isn't it?