Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Of Interest

The Register-Star reports today that Cheryl Roberts, who was appointed Hudson's city attorney by Bill Hallenbeck, has resigned her position as judge for the Town of Austerlitz. According to the report, holding the two positions constitutes an "apparent conflict of interest"--something that seems not to have occurred to Roberts until it was pointed out to her. 


  1. It's no wonder she couldn't contemplate a conflict of interest. Anyone close to the South Bay saga knows the degree to which Roberts is ethically challenged.

    The public should still demand an investigation into her part in the suppression of a 2009 letter from CSXT to then Mayor Scalera. It was certainly that letter that exposed the lie to the city's Environmental Impact Statement. Additionally, it would have meant the defrauding of taxpayers for 9 months of her fees.

    She should be investigated for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud before the Statute of Limitations has expired. Roberts is simply out-waiting us.

    I'm certainly game if anyone wishes to try out the new District Attorney, but it would require a number of people, not just one or two.

    The last D.A. showed little interest in such things, primarily because there was no public outcry, and surely due to the fact that they are small town colleagues.

    I think there is still an opportunity to get Roberts disbarred, and in this way to lessen her damage to decent society.