Friday, February 24, 2012

Of Interest

The Register-Star reported this afternoon that Holcim will close its Catskill plant permanently: "Holcim will not re-open." Wouldn't it be nice of they decided to leave the Hudson Valley altogether and wanted to sell their land on this side of the river?

The decision was reported in the Times Union on Thursday: "Catskill plant closure to be permanent." Note that the closing was announced in January in Zurich, Switzerland. The "announcement" in the United States took the form of notifying the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that they needed permission to dispose of cement production waste that remained at the plant.

The Register-Star's expanded coverage of the plant closing appeared on Saturday morning: "Holcim shuts down for good."


  1. Wouldn't it be an amazing act of stewardship if Holcim now concentrated on demolishing all their many abandoned buildings !

    That would engage some "employment" that everyone screams about losing.

    Next they could remediate the scars inflicted on the earth while reaping (stealing) their profits.

    Wow - even more "employment!"

    1. Vincent, That was my first thought, also. That would be a miracle.