Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Enterprising People of Hudson

The Albany Business Review reports today that Hudson has the most self-employed workers in New York State. The national average for self employment is 6.5 percent. Hudson's self-employment rate is 9.96 percent.

The two major metropolitan areas that rival Hudson in self employment are San Francisco, where 9.3 percent of the local workforce run their own unincorporated businesses, and Los Angeles, where 9.0 percent of the workforce are self employed.   

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  1. I hope this statistic is noticed by the new Mayor. It is this independent spirit in Hudson that has driven the success of Hudson and sustains it through the latest economic down turn. One by one entrepreneurs have turned around what was a very dead and empty town in the early 1980's to the busy and recognized place it is today. I trust it will continue and the tide should raise all boats.