Thursday, November 20, 2014

Busy at the Board of Elections

Yesterday, Sam Pratt reported on the progress of the absentee ballot count in Columbia County: "Barrett slowly but steadily extends lead over Kelsey." Today, Arthur Cusano reports on the progress in the Register-Star: "The counting continues." If you look closely at the photograph that accompanies Cusano's report, you will understand why there have been few posts on Gossips in the past few days.

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  1. I have submitted the following comment to the Register Star and hope they'll post it quickly, as there are some serious errors in their article: "Art, you'll recall that I said I was only giving you Columbia County numbers, as I don't have the Dutchess County numbers. What's more, in Columbia County, Kelsey had the lead on election night. Thus this statement is inaccurate: "Barrett had a lead of 5,309 votes to Kelsey’s 4,977 from both Columbia and Dutchess counties on election night." Also, we have counted 14 election districts and have 14 left to count and thus are halfway through the process. The residency challenges have been made only by Kelsey's campaign."