Sunday, November 16, 2014

Greenport Crossing Back in the News

Six weeks ago, it appeared that Greenport Crossing--the gas station cum "boutique" bowling alley cum family entertainment center cum Comfort Inn & Suites planned for Route 66--wasn't going to happen. Harbalwant Singh was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for protection from the Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), which had made known its intention to sue Singh for the money it had loaned to the project. 

Today, the Register-Star reports that the only thing Singh seems to be giving up on is his plan to reuse the 1923 V & O Press building as part of his grand scheme: "V&O building to be demolished by Christmas."


  1. Disaster. If he had actually paid his employee maybe that fire ( that he doesn't understand ?) wouldn't have happened.

  2. V&O Press, mechanical stamping press designer & manufacturer that moved from Brooklyn to Hudson.
    Employer of hundreds. People with degrees in mechanical & electrical engineering, accounting, marketing & sales, management, etc. Superior machinists, electricians, assemblers.
    An international company with agents from around the world, a global company.
    Proud to state that I am a former employee.