Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Word on the Armory

A month ago, Gossips reported that work had ceased at the Armory, which is to be the new location of the Hudson Area Library as well as housing the senior center and the after school program Perfect Ten. Today, the Register-Star reports that work at the building--inside and out--has resumed: "After five-week stoppage, armory work starts up." The source of information for the article, written by John Mason, is Fifth Ward supervisor and Galvan spokesman Rick Scalera. 


  1. Rick's point, Rick's refrigerator, the Armory, N Dock, the RR bridge...why do the properties the city takes possession of, so often end up with a fence around it?

    1. If there was any corruption here, surely the Moreland Commission would have snuffed it out.

      No, at the new library, the real estate agent/5th ward supervisor is minimizing citizen liberty, to limit city liability, it's the primary legal agenda of any corporate manager.

      For over 150 years at North Dock, there was zero liability for the city and maximum river access, for county Navigators. Also, when fisherfolk, duck hunters and trappers maintained the wharf, they did so without cost to the taxpayer.

      Now given this; shouldn't the (then secret) agent of real estate/supervisor, who (infinitely) increased city liability at North Dock, while restricting citizen access completely, be run out of town on a rail?

      1 Riparian

  2. The "Amory" building will be the location of the Hudson Area Library and History Room. A community room will located there too. The community room, as I understand, will have "theatre" style seating, a stage & a screen. The Library is not the owner of the building but will be a tenant along with two other groups/organizations. I do believe the "fence" at the armory is relative to a construction zone area for safety. Please support the Hudson Area Library by donating to its Capital Campaign Fund for library furnishings, books, computers, etc.
    No money donated to the Library is for the reconstruction of the Armory building.