Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When What You See Isn't What You Get

Residents of the 100 block of Union Street are abuzz with questions about the addition being completed at 122 Union Street. Below is the rendering that was presented to the Historic Preservation Commission, showing what was proposed and what the HPC granted a certificate of appropriateness.

This is what the project looks like today.

The color of the siding is different, but the tan it is now seems preferable to the robin's egg blue it originally was. The pergola-like structure being built at the front of the addition was part of the original proposal and will undoubtedly look splendid when draped with wisteria or autumn clematis. The fence, however, was not part of the original proposal, even though the rendering shows a fence along the sidewalk in front of the adjoining vacant lot. Fences in historic districts--unless they are at the back of a property where no one can see them--are required to get a certificate of appropriateness, and this one did not. One wonders how this situation is going to be resolved.


  1. I think it is safe for me to state that I quite often post my comments here at gor. Maybe too often.
    So allow me to once again step up onto my "soap box" and state that the 100 block of Union as shown in the above photo is like looking at the Mona Lisa with a horn growing out of her head. Some would call it art and some may call the addition historically correct. Me. I'll just state that if it was Galvan the hounds would be howling.

  2. These two structures laugh at each other.

    "if it was Galvan the hounds would be howling." totally agree with this comment.