Monday, November 3, 2014

Election Prep: Editorial Opinion

Tomorrow is Election Day. In the unlikely event that you are still undecided or may simply need to be persuaded that it's important to show up at the polls, Gossips recommends reading Parry Teasdale's editorials in Columbia Paper

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  1. How hypocritical, especially in the case of the Gibson - Eldridge race. If you read the editorial, it almost sounds like the paper is endorsing Gibson - until they bring up the tired old mantra of the Koch brothers. On the one hand, the paper excoriates Gibson for siding with the rich (and, oh by the way conservative) Kochs then turns a blind eye to the riches of billionaire Eldridge. I guess its OK if your\'re rich and a Democrat but, somehow, criminal if you're rich and (God forbid) a Conservative or Republican.