Monday, November 24, 2014

What's Driving the Economy in Hudson?

Earlier this year, Columbia County Tourism did a "snapshot" survey which confirmed something that many of us already believed: "Hudson is the economic driver" of tourism in the county.

Sheena Salvino and Branda Maholtz of Hudson Development Corporation are eager to learn more about what's driving the driver, so they can help businesses in Hudson grow and succeed. Toward that end, they have created a Business Climate Survey to gather data, which will be shared with everyone and will inform decisions about programs, incentives, and opportunities for grants. They urge business owners and members of the creative economy in Hudson to complete the survey, which can be accessed here.


  1. I'm also of the opinion that Hudson is the retail heart of the Hudson Valley...

  2. We really need a serious economic study -- in addition to the Business Climate Survey -- one that includes the economic impact of the hospital and schools, a housing stock inventory, a five-year analysis of public spending vis a vis taxes (including total assessed values) over the same period of time, etc. Seat-of-the-pants is okay until you start renovating bridges and raising taxes--that's like driving at night without turning on the headlights. --peter m.