Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"They Know That Santa's on His Way . . . "

It's crunch time for the mythical elves at the North Pole as they busily make the toys Santa will deliver to good girls and boys. It's crunch time too for the very real elves here in Hudson as they work frantically to finish the renovations on the sad little houses that comprise Santa's Village, a.k.a. Santa's Slum. 

Gossips has heard that, according to Rob Perry, the superintendent for Public Works, the little houses have to be installed in Seventh Street Park before there is snow on the ground, and with Winter Snow Cato heading our way, time is running out. For those eagerly awaiting the seasonal appearance of the little village, here's a preview of the one of the re-imagined little houses--this one created by Gia Albergo-Delmar.


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