Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Hundred Years Later and Fifty Years Ago

In 2010, Gossips found and published this advertisement, which had appeared in the Hudson Daily Register in February 1867.

The ad established 1867 as the year the construction of this row of houses on North Fifth Street had been completed.

Today, a picture showing these houses in 1967, a hundred years after their construction, was posted to the Facebook group "You're Probably from Hudson" by Bob Satter.


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  1. Love seeing this old photo of my house and my neighbors! These houses have certainly had their ups and downs but so nice to see what looks like a party and happy times on N Fifth! I am told that these houses were refered to as "Rockefeller Row" and wonder if anyone knows about that. My research indicates that the first owner of my house was a young man who was a ward of the Rockefeller family so wondering if that could be the genesis of this reference. Soloman Westcott built the houses and had purchased 19 lots in Hudson between 1819 and 1859. I spent several days in the clerk's office tracking down the history of the house and would love to hear more history from others!