Thursday, December 20, 2018

Beyond Fences and Shotcrete

A reader alerted me to this article, which appeared today in Bloomberg Business: "Rising Waters Are Drowning Amtrak's Northeast Corridor." The article reports the conclusion of A "three-volume, multiyear climate study undertaken with first Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and then Stantec Inc." The study was completed in April 2017 but kept private until this November when Bloomberg obtained a partially redacted version through a public records request. 

The study, called Amtrak NEC Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, outlines "the severe threat facing one 10-mile section of the 457 miles of track, much of which runs perilously close to the water." Although the study deals only with the Northeast Corridor, which runs from Washington to Boston, not the Empire Corridor, which runs from New York City to Albany along the Hudson River, it is still food for thought for us here in Hudson.


  1. They've been raising the tracks along the Hudson for some time, though not the 6 feet that a minority insist will be necessary.

    The fact that they're going to the trouble while ignoring the fanatics is what's really food for thought.

  2. At some point, with or without Elon Musk's version, there will be a tunnel in third, under Warren and tangent to the back of the North Bay. Right where city "developers" should have laid the tracks in the first place. Not because of rising tide, because that's where it least obstructs Lady Faithful.

    Fidelity should always be amplified, never muted.