Saturday, December 29, 2018

Food News

With ShopRite now a mile farther up the road (and the shopping experience there getting mixed reviews), we need the farmers' market and Rolling Grocer 19 more than ever. But, alas, neither is now available to us. RG19 is on hiatus for the holidays, and the indoor farmers' market ended its December run last Saturday. But there is good news!  

RG19 resumes its regular schedule on Wednesday, January 9. Click here to remind yourself what that schedule is.

Photo: Darryl Gangloff|Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

The farmers' market returns to Hudson Lodge at 601 Union Street on Saturday, February 2.



  1. Shop Rite did an OK job on the fruits and vegetables section of their new store, but 75% of it remains the same old crappy 1970's vibe, ugh. I was hoping they would go all out and do something really nice.

  2. Not that I've tried it but the Chinese take out seems to be their only innovation. Shop Rite is better than nothing...Aldi's quaintness is a better bet.

  3. Why can't these grocery stores by more pleasant overall? Won't that be good for business? There's the home delivery service which includes fees. The savvy neighbors who can organize may be able to access this feature for a better experience? Has anyone used it?

  4. I have been there 4 times since it opened and the produce was ridulosly bad. changing addresses doesn't have to change quality or quantity. Certain fruits and veggies completely unavaialbe and others just a few. Stale, old, fading, puts it nicely. so sorry as its a limited market. Aldi had great fresh fruit. They have a way to go but was happy to get what they did have!