Wednesday, December 5, 2018

No Trails North for Now

Hiking trails around and over the former landfill at the end of North Second Street have been talked about for years. In December 2014, Columbia County received a $131,125 grant to design "a recreational and natural trail within walking distance of Hudson." The trail would link Hudson to the Greenport Conservation Area and the network of trails beyond. At the end of 2016, the County issued a request for proposals for the design, responses to which were being reviewed in the spring of 2017. Now it seems the design is complete, the cost has been determined to be $2 million, and the Board of Supervisors has decided not to pursue the project, at least not for now. Richard Moody has the story at HudsonValley360: "Columbia County unsure of $2 million trail project on Hudson Landfill."      


  1. this city, over the years, has spent millions hosting the county seat. its too bad our city elected supervisors play dead everytime the county refuses to pay its fair share toward our infrastructure.

    1. Rick Scalera, Hudson supervisor for the Fifth Ward, submitted this response:

      The county has 23 elected Supervisors and only 5 of them are from Hudson….do the math Mr Marston. The City elected Supervisors are not the problem it’s far more complex than passing that blame game. One should get the facts before pointing fingers.

      Rick Scalera

  2. Again. Keep talking and the price goes up...2 million for what.1000.00 a yard.i am not suprised its is a no go.

  3. two million? dollars or pesos? a couple of kids on dirt bikes can do that in about a week for twenty in gas money, the county is right to balk. now in typical fashion the area will be off limits to everyone because a carpeted trail can not be had.

  4. could have been done for what they spent to study it, but we all know that isnt how nystate likes to work, and frankly, that isnt the point.

  5. Jolene Race, the person that was hired to manage the county's trash and recycling, works for two years on this plan and what do we have? Nothing but a hope that CLC or some other entity will build and maintain a trail on an old leaky landfill full of who-knows-what. Oh, and by the way, recycling is no longer free.

  6. County motor boaters continue to pay $.64/gallon for "improved" river access in a city where elected officials put up fences to improve access for landlubbing tourists and Navigators who pay nothing.

    1 Riparian
    Columbia Littoral Conservancy Inc

  7. Last time the city improved access for motor boaters was 1978 with the state launch. And, if you were free white and owned a motor yacht, you might have received a dock spot.

    It's like Robin Hood in reverse! Why would county Supervisors be up for that.