Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Update on the Crosswalk Four

On HudsonValley360, Amanda Purcell reports on another day in court for the four who took it upon themselves to paint crosswalks at State and Third streets--Linda Mussmann, Claudia Bruce, Peter Spear, and Ed Cross: "No deal made in crosswalks case."

Photo: Linda Mussmann|Facebook
The article reveals that Mussmann and Bruce are being represented in court by Susan Tipograph, the attorney hired six years ago to defend Quintin Cross when he was accused of breaking into City Hall, with an accomplice, and stealing petty cash. A post Sam Pratt wrote at the time about Tipograph is of interest again: "Cross's counsel."

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  1. This incident obviously embarrassed and angered Rob Perry, the head of the DPW. We need more activists like these 4 in the city -- standing up to public officials who fail to do their job.