Sunday, December 2, 2018

Up on the Roof

In November 2014, the roof of the Robert Taylor House, a locally designated landmark, was repaired without a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission and apparently also without a building permit.

In the ensuing years, the shed dormers that were removed when the roof was reconstructed were never replaced, and no further effort of stabilize or repair the building has been made. 

Built around 1790, the Robert Taylor House is generally believed to be the oldest surviving house in Hudson. The house has been owned first by Galvan Partners LLC then by Galvan Initiatives Foundation since 2011.

In recent days, work began on the roof of another historically significant Galvan-owned property, just up the hill from the Robert Taylor House: the Charles Alger House.

No certificate of appropriateness was sought for this work on the 1851 Gothic Revival house, with connections to premier 19th-century American architect A. J. Davis. It is not known if a building permit was issued. The house was acquired by Hudson Collective Realty LLC, a Galvan entity, at the beginning of 2016.


  1. Where is the Code Enforcement Officer? Isn't that (obviously) his job??? Carole, what else can we do? Please advise.

  2. I have been commenting on the decline of the Historic Preservation Commission's commitment to preservation for many months. I am blue in the face. The Commission has abandoned its mission and the City could care less. In fact, the Code Enforcement Officer, according to the City's preservation law, has nothing to do with Certificates of Appropriateness.... blah, blah, blah, I'm blue in the face. Read the law.

  3. As long as the HPC doesn't uphold its decisions, and have the power to do so, this kind of activity will continue. Galvan scarcely pays lip service to the HPC any more. He just does as he pleases, because there are NO CONSEQUENCES if he doesn't. It's both shameful and appalling. There is so much to preserve here, and it's all disappearing because of this nonsense.

  4. Look neighbors, this happens all the time.

    Read about the infamous Sal Cascino in Copake. the town had to finally jail him and he still didnt stop breaking the laws of the State of NY. Mobsters and criminals are all the same. they do not care. is this any different ? the Historic codes are only local and what the people want -- it is really not a law on the state level where it can be enforced.

  5. The work at 59 Allen Street was a repair on a hole in the roof which does not require a permit or C of A. There is no work pending at the Robert Taylor house. When there is they will have to get permit from Cose Enforcement and apply for a C of A from HPC.

  6. There is also a stop work order on 59 Allen.