Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Another Distinction for Hudson

The Albany Business Review just released its list of "The New York towns, cities and villages that are shrinking fastest." There are 26 on the list, as compared with 25 on its list of fastest growing cities and towns in upstate New York. The final paragraph of the article introducing the list explains why there are 26: 
Why did we include 26 after doing only 25 for the fastest-growing towns? Because No. 26 was just too surprising to keep off the list. Hudson may be known now as a trendy, up and coming city that's seen an influx of investment in its creative economy, yet it has also lost more than 7 percent of its population since 2010, per Census estimates.


  1. That's because people no longer live in many of the houses. They sit empty, except for when they are rented out as BnBs on weekends.

  2. As an ominous sign it's a great endorsement of the City's new planning effort. But it will require close attention at each step. We can't afford another LWRP-type debacle, riddled with autocratic missteps and frustrated public participation.

  3. So very lucky to have grown up here in the sixties, when Hudson was a great place for the middle class to live and work, before it was"developed" into a nice place for tourists to visit.

  4. Clearly Hudson is shrinking (populationwise) because of the loss of children. The public school district has shrunk by some 30 percent in the last ten years (from 2400 kids to 1700).

  5. Because there are no good jobs. Peruse for a couple months, it's bleak. I'm going to have to move away for a better job soon.

    1. you are right -- in the 50s and 60s Hudson had thosands of jobs.

      the new model in America is to move all the jobs off shore and "globalize".

      then the elite can make the money -- and the rest of the populace can live in "affordable" housing.
      look at san francisco -- a forward looking city with huge urban problems. no one can live there unless they work for facebook.
      and facebook pays its lowliest workers not much in a salary.

      the new model is already operating in the advanced state of California. You either live in a 5 million dollar 3 bedroom house -- or you are headed for a tent next to the highway.

      read all about it -- the new America

  6. j kay, it's not just the US, look at Paris! Only the wealthiest live there now, and the workers who service them. But what's more dangerous there compared to any American city is that the two remaining Parisian groups belong to two very different ethnicities. Here, we're still a melting pot provided we don't behave like elitists - either the San Francisco kind or the Nativist kind.