Sunday, December 9, 2018

Another Corner, Another Gas Station

Gossips hasn't been reporting on the progress of the mega gas station proposed for the corner of Route 23 and Craryville Road. It's too far afield, and there's certainly enough happening in Hudson to occupy our attention. Still, it's not been off the Gossips radar entirely. For readers who want to catch up, there was a comprehensive article about the controversial proposal by John Townes in last month's Hill Country Observer: "Saving a country crossroads: Gas station proposal draws backlash, spurs test of a town's new vision for development."

Photo: Susan Sabino|Hill Country Observer
The proposal for the out of scale and out of character gas station is currently being reviewed by the Copake Town Planning Board. The Planning Board met last Thursday night, and Amanda Purcell reported about it the next day on HudsonValley360: "Craryville gas station support falls short." I bring this up only because of something Purcell quotes Planning Board chair Robert Haight as telling the assembled audience: "If you are here and you just don't want this gas station, please don't waste your time telling us that or our time, because those comments should have been done with the Zoning Board of Appeals. We're here just for site plan approval. We'd like to hear some comments about the building or safety of the site. That is what we're here for." In future months, we here in Hudson may be hearing our Planning Board chair telling audiences the same thing only he will have to say such comments should have been made to the Common Council.

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  1. It will be large and white and lit up like a city-scape, not unlike the abominations happening to many towns these days. It will be an unforgiving blight for those who live there but a money vacuum for those who do not.
    A sad day in the decision for the future of Copake.