Thursday, November 21, 2019

Watch for Yourself

Gossips has reported on the discussion of the police contract at Tuesday's Common Council meeting, and so has Amanda Purcell for HudsonValley360: "Police contract vote on hold." Dan Udell's video of the meeting is now available on YouTube, so you can watch the discussion for yourself. Sergeant Christopher Filli asks the question that begins the exchange with Council president Tom DePietro at 27:50.



  1. Thanks for posting -- Dan's the man! Watching this after reading your earlier post and the Register Star gives me a completely different perspective now. The Council gave Sergeant Filli an answer, but he kept pushing the same question, then making accusations. At what point do you accept the answer and say, ok, let's go back to the Mayor and find out what this is all about? He kind of reminded me of Rep Jim Jordan during the impeachment investigation -- attack dog mode. So who's being political, Sargeant Filli?

  2. T G and K J would eliminate 701 Union st,because they think it's a pig sty