Friday, November 22, 2019

Zoning and Planning Stewart's Style

Since 2015, Stewart's has been trying to get the Village Board in Altamont to change the zoning to accommodate its plans for a bigger and better gas station and convenience store, and since the beginning of 2018, Gossips has been following that story. Yesterday, the Altamont Enterprise reported that Stewart's was finally getting its way in Altamont: "Altamont Village Board approves Stewart's rezone for second time, clearing path for new shop." As was the case here in Hudson, the expansion of Stewart's in Altamont involves the demolition of a residential property, the two-family house shown at the right in the photo below.

Photo: Michael Koff|Altamont Enterprise
Chuck Marshall, real estate representative for Stewart's, has promised a new store for Altamont that aligns more closely with the existing architecture in the village--in particular, the former train station that now houses the Altamont Free Library.

It will be interesting to see what they get.

Correction: Chuck Marshall informs me that "the building we're taking features from is Altamont Corners not the library." Altamont Corners is a shopping plaza which is now the location of Subway, Bamboo Garden, Altamont Martial Arts, and Paisano's Pizza Villa.

The Altamont Corners website provides the following information about the plaza:
Jeffrey N. Thomas developed Altamont Corners with a vision to replicate Altamont's historical architecture and compliment the nature of the village. Design techniques from 1890's are present in the structure of Altamont Corners. The plaza features a mosaic of Severson House that stood on the site in 1867, and later became the Commercial Hotel.
Altamont Corners is a location where you can feel the history of the village.   

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  1. Ridiculous ... Same, same old story.
    What we know for sure is that it will be the cheapest construction as possible. That's the deal. Phony generic traditional. Another residence gone. Germantown did put a hold on the Dollar General with a lawsuit. Judged in their favor. There's a good chance it will never happen. Likely there are fine details in Altamont zoning that let this squeak by. In Germantown's case, the building was approved although it was oversized, not to code. Another thing, went unnoticed by the town as far as I know, the original Primax design (brick facing and details) was different than the design at the final phase of the zoning board hearings. They approved a totally cheaper version without ever pointing it out. Forewarned.