Thursday, February 13, 2020

"Decades in the Making"

You can now watch Sam Pratt's presentation to the Planning Board, "The Hudson Waterfront: Decades in the Making," on YouTube by clicking here. The review it provides of close to a half century of Hudson history, focusing on the waterfront, is important information, and for that reason, Gossips is reproducing, with his permission, the slides from Pratt's PowerPoint presentation. The comments interspersed are Gossips'.

Pictured in the slide above is John Cody, who was the president of SHOW (Save Hudson's Only Waterfront) and now serves on the Planning Board. An article about the proposed oil refinery and the push back against it, which appeared in Hudson Valley Magazine in December 1984, can be found here.

The entire Hudson Vision Plan document can be accessed on the City of Hudson website by clicking here.

The citizen activism that stopped Americlean was the beginning Friends of Hudson, the citizens' group that lead the charge against the "Greenport Project" proposed by St. Lawrence Cement.

The Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Common Council in April 2002, can be viewed by clicking here.

The Local Water Revitalization Plan, adopted by the Common Council in November 2011, can be viewed here.

The Gossips report on this outcome can be found in this post from October 16, 2013: "The Word on Those 4.4 Acres."


  1. What a long strange trip it's been. Maybe this time we'll get it right.

    1. Even with today's unprecedented unity among city residents, I wouldn't put money on it.

  2. At this rate, 2nd ward improvements will be post-mortem...Landlubbers may not have liked the public service provided by county fisherfolk but it was worth everything they paid for it.

  3. The 4th slide from the bottom is a view of South Bay painted by Sanford Robinson Gifford in 1861. The railroad had come up the east bank of the river 10 years prior, but Gifford chose to leave it out of the scene.

  4. An amazing record of citizens' activity all through the years in support of a recreational and harmonious waterfront for the people, with industry at the bottom of the list, even from the Department of State itself. It's an incredible list of ongoing activism and I have witnessed it myself for 35 years and participated over the years. Peter and Sam are to be commended for this amazing record and persistent work on the public and Waterfront's behalf.