Thursday, February 20, 2020

Of Interest

Earlier today, the Daily Freeman reported the outcome of the vacancy study done in Kingston, which reportedly cost $33,000, to determine the city's eligibility for rent stabilization under the Emergency Tenant Protection Act: "Kingston not eligible for rent control at this time, study finds." A resolution to conduct a similar study in Hudson was passed by the Common Council on Tuesday night with dissenting votes from Jane Trombley (First Ward), Eileen Halloran (Fifth Ward), and Dominic Merante (Fifth Ward). 


  1. 1. Query the tax database for a genuine list of buildings with 6 or more units built before '74.
    2. Math the relative impact this approach would have on actual rental trends in our City.
    3. Realize how marginal and meaningless all your grandstanding for rent control was.

  2. People in government love to waste money on studies and plans, that's what they do. With all the money spent in Hudson on studies and plans, you could have hired a construction company to renovate the Dunn warehouse, demolish the Kaz Warehouse and get rid of all those shacks at the North Bay. What's next, will we pay a consulting firm $100,000 to do a survey of Hudson's sidewalks, to figure out how much it will cost in taxes to repair them all? Is government so inept it can't tell someone to fix their sidewalk? If the council wanted to hire someone for $200 to shampoo the rugs at City Hall, first they would have to spend $10,000 to a hire a consulting firm to do an analysis and survey of rug cleaning options and make a presentation at City Hall, where the good citizens will all come and argue for six months and multiple meetings over what type of soap to use. It makes you want to move to China, people get sick and they build a hospital in 10 days, here it takes a decade of argument to knock down a couple of rotting shacks, or fix a sidewalk.

    1. "It makes you want to move to China"

      What's keeping you here? This is a fantastic place to live, once you don't need a job...

      As for the shacks, I offered to run the dozer years ago. It's not about the buildings, it's about the 2nd ward and the poor man's pathway being blocked by corrupt politicians providing access to "Landlubbers" of means.

      My job is to remind you, our members remain equal "owners" of shore.

      Room for 100s, and the bay remains empty for 7 years.

  3. Reason -- the application of logic to solve problems -- is not a skill set favored by the Council or executive offices in City Hall. Nor, it seems, are common sense and actual work. Emotions, gestures and loud noises, however, are in vogue.

  4. O.P.M. Other people money, and the only shampoo to use is Meyers.Thats the pink liberals detergent of choice.