Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Changes Proposed for the Boat Launch

Last September, Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $3.2 million project to revitalize the Coxsackie State Boat Launch. The announcement explained: "The project will be the first state boat launch to be renewed under the Hudson Eagles Recreation Area, an initiative to improve public access and resiliency on the wild stretch of the Hudson River between Albany and Kingston and enhance connections to the waterfront communities in the region." The following image is a rendering of the upgraded Coxsackie State Boat Launch that accompanied the announcement.

Five state boat launches will receive upgrades under the Hudson Eagles Recreation Area initiative--upgrades intended to expand access for boating, fishing, and wildlife observation. One of the five sites in the Hudson Eagles Recreation Area is the Hudson State Boat Launch. The announcement indicates that the sites will linked with shared branding, educational materials, and a website. 

The topic of the proposed upgrades to the boat launch came up at last night's meeting of the Conservation Advisory Council. Gossips was able to obtain this rendering, dated January 2022, of what is being proposed for the Hudson Boat Launch.

It is not known--at least, not by Gossips--what the status of the project in Hudson is or what the process will be of introducing the project to the public before the actual execution of the upgrades begins.


  1. We could use some green at our boat launch site. That slab of asphalt is grim.

  2. This State Plan looks great - I haven't heard of it before. It fits in with our old Comprehensive Plan in making that space available to the public and moving the Power Boat Club to the far North End.