Thursday, September 8, 2022

Arbor Day in Hudson, 2022

Last month, it appeared there might not be an Arbor Day in Hudson this year. After hearing about the problem, an anonymous donor stepped up and, with the Hudson Development Corporation as liaison, offered to donate five trees. At the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) meeting on Tuesday, it was reported that others have offered to donate trees, and the five trees have now become twelve trees. Arbor Day in Hudson is now scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 2.

Last year, the CAC planted five trees, one in each ward. This year, the plan is to plant trees in two locations in close proximity to each other, on Fifth Street and Sixth Street. At the meeting, CAC member and landscape architect Britt Zuckerman identified those locations. On Fifth Street, one tree is to be planted north of Columbia Street, and four more between Columbia and Warren streets.

On Sixth Street, three trees will be planted south of Warren Street and three more north of Warren.

The twelfth tree is to be planted a bit farther afield, at Warren and Second streets, in front of Verdigris.

Miguel Berrios, who did Hudson's tree inventory and tree management plan, recommended planting twenty-five trees each year to create a sufficient tree canopy to provide shade for buildings, sidewalks, and streets and help reduce the effect of global warming. 

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  1. As long as someone tends to the trees, it's a great thing. So many ignored and neglected trees in town. Even on Columbia along the sidewalk of the City Hall municipal parking lot - the city does nothing about the 4 or 5 trees there and they all look awful. It's city property, you'd think they would make an effort.