Friday, September 23, 2022

Ear to the Ground

In January, Gossips reported that Rebecca Wolff, then an alderman representing the First Ward and a vocal opponent of short-term rentals, had listed an apartment in a house she owns on Union Street as a short-term rental for $3,000 a month or $200 a day. Given that precedent, it seems only fair to report that Councilmember Ryan Wallace (Third Ward), who is now making decisions about constructing more income restricted housing in Hudson, because of Hudson's affordable housing crisis, is currently offering his condo at Mt. Ray Estates as a long-term rental for $6,000 a month. The listing appears on


  1. Just $6,000?
    This reminds me of one of Ryan's colleagues, 1st ward alder Margaret Morris, who, along with Ryan, is a member of the sidewalk committee trying to solve our sidewalk woes. About a year ago, for several months, I regularly came across the same car parked partially in a driveway in front of a garage on S. 5th with the back half of the car COMPLETELY blocking the sidewalk. The police did nothing about it even after my repeated calls to them. Then I found out that the home associated with the garage was owned by a certain Margaret Morris. I immediately reached out to Margaret and asked her if the car regularly blocking the sidewalk next to her house was hers. It was her son's car, she claimed, and she had no idea that the sidewalk was regularly blocked. The sidewalk alongside the house of an alder trying to draft a solution to our deplorable sidewalks, and she has no idea it was regularly blocked by a family member's car. Since that email, I haven't seen the sidewalk in front of Margaret Morris's garage blocked by a car.
    You can't make this stuff up.
    B Huston

  2. Hypocrisy, in Hudson politics is absolutely pathetic!

  3. While noteworthy in the interest of fairness, Wallace’s actions don’t evoke the same level of hypocrisy as Wolff’s action. He’s renting long-term at market rate, as any property owner likely would; she was availing herself of the same option she attempted to deny so many others.

    More concerning is how his residency change affects his ability to hold his council seat, if he has in fact moved out of district. I am reminded that another elected official, Kate Treacy of the Hudson Dems, moved out of Hudson while she rented her duplex out for about $20k for six weeks in late 2020, and she did renew that arrangement at the end of six weeks. If she can stay on the Dems Committee after that (and argue baselessly for subsidized housing) Wallace should be in the clear.