Saturday, September 10, 2022

Goodbye Buttercup, Hello Padrona

In recent days, Chronogram has been paying a lot of attention to new eating and drinking establishments in Hudson. On Thursday, it was Merchants Social. Yesterday, it was Padrona: "Fast Casual Cocktail Bar Padrona Finally Open in Hudson."

Photo: Chronogram


  1. Padrona may be or maybe not. We were there at 5.45 but it said open at 6 but it was not open at 6 - two other people were trying to get in too.
    We left, went to Merchant Social - that's a good bar and a lot of fun. Good food too, if on the expensive side, but what else is new in Hudson. (However, Savona's is reasonable and pretty setting for backyard.)

    1. I can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to business opening hours, so I do understand your frustration, but this place is so new it probably still has an umbilical cord sticking out of a drain somewhere in its plumbing. Opening a bar is very hard work, and sometimes getting it right is more important than getting it right now.

      Kat Dunn is one of the best bartenders I have ever met, hands down. She works incredibly hard, her products are always outstanding, and this place looks fantastic. I have no doubt that Padrona is going to deliver the goods.