Friday, September 16, 2022

News of Hudson Politics

It's been rumored for a while, but now it must be true. There's an article about it in the Register-Star: "Hudson mayor considers Assembly run in '24."

Didi Barrett and Kamal Johnson with former HCSD superintendent Maria Suttmeier at a Hudson Literacy Fund fundraiser in 2019     Photo: Jamie Larsen | Rural Intelligence


  1. Interesting, does he really think he can beat Didi?

  2. What do you call it when someone who exemplifies the Peter Principle seeks higher levels of responsibility? Trumpism? Bats? Bananas? Having built not one unit of affordable housing (though paving the way for his patron and boss to maybe eventually build something besides breweries and angst), he claims he's solved that problem -- by promising rentals to people who need a leg up towards property ownership, not lifetime serfdom to absentee slumlords who are nursing on the public tit. Smoke and mirrors. All sizzle no steak. I could go on and probably will in the future.

  3. What a joke this is. He hasn't even learned how to be the mayor of Hudson and he wants to run for the assembly. There are many people here in Hudson who have hopes that if he does run for mayor again that there will be another candidate to choose from. He would never survive the dirt that surrounds his former life as a candidate for the Assembly. What a laugh this story is.