Friday, September 9, 2022

Let's Be Careful Out There

The last time I used this head for a post, it was warning about intensified sobriety checks over the Labor Day weekend. This time, it relates to a mugging that took place yesterday afternoon. Gossips just received the following press release from the Hudson Police Department.
On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the Hudson City Police Department arrested 22 year old Cain G. Carothers for Robbery 1st Degree (with dangerous instrument) a class B felony, Criminal Possession of a weapon 3rd (previously convicted) class D felony, Grand larceny 4th degree class E felony, assault 3rd Degree and petit larceny both class A misdemeanors.
On Thursday, September 8, 2022, at around 4:43 p.m., the Hudson Police Department received a report that a man entered a restaurant on North 7th Street, claiming he had just been attacked on the street and that his personal property was forcibly stolen from him. HPD’s uniform patrol responded immediately to the scene. The victim told us that two males approached him while he was walking in the 700 block of Long Alley. One of the men allegedly displayed a knife and stated “I’m gonna kill you.” The two suspects then reportedly began kicking and punching the victim. During the attack the two suspects stole the victim’s glasses, wallet, credit/debit cards, and cell phone. Greenport Rescue Squad responded to the area and treated the victim for injuries he sustained during the robbery. The victim was transported to the CMH for further medical treatment. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening, and he was released from the hospital later on Thursday.
The HPD Detective division responded in to assist patrol with this robbery investigation. Shortly after the reported robbery, detectives located Cain Carothers in the 7th Street Park.  Most of the property was recovered and placed into evidence.
This robbery appears to be random criminal act and the suspects and the victim have no known relationships.
Carothers was arraigned by City Judge Cheryl Roberts in the Hudson City Court. Carothers was remanded to the Columbia County Jail with no bail. He will return to Court on September 13, 2022, at 10 a.m. Carothers is currently a New York State parolee.
Detectives have identified a second suspect in this case, 42 year old Eugene Cobbins of Hudson, who remains at large and is believed to be in the Albany area.
If anyone has any further information they would like to share with the Police concerning the above incident, please contact the Hudson City Police Department, Detective Division, at (518) 828-3388.


  1. This is sad and scary to hear about.

    I'm not surprised that they found this guy in the 7th street park, a place that ne'er-do-wells seem to have made home in the past year. HPD doesn't seem to mind the regulars in the park smoking, drinking, partying, even peeing, and taking over tables and benches all day sometimes. HPD doesn't even bother patrolling the park. I was assaulted by two aggressive drunks in the park 2 months ago, both of them drinking beer in open containers. Never did hear back from HPD after I filed charges.
    Ed Moore and his commissioner will include the number of heroin overdoses in their monthly report to the common council, but they won't bother mentioning shootings that may have occured. Hudson a violent and dangerous place? Not to HPD. Heck, Ed Moore lives 15 miles south of Hudson, what does he care? He and his family don't have to worry about shootings or stabbings or assaults or reckless drivers in Cleremont. Nor do they spend any time in the 7th street park. Ditto for the commissioner.
    Bill Huston

    1. i have repeatedly read about the Mayor and assorted council members voicing how they wanted the police to refrain from any use of force. didnt we have demonstrations on this subject in front of the police department ?

      Remember "defund the police" and all the committees formed to tell the police how to do their job ? Many Hudsonites have made it clear that
      they do not want the police to do too much.

      How can anyone be careful when the elected officials talk this way ? I expect there will be more of this to come.

      they also want Hudson to be a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

      Hudsonites are getting exactly what they want now, and they have already made that clear ad nauseum.

    2. What a pastiche of complaints. Neither of the names suspects are immigrants, documented or otherwise. I believe Mr. Cobbins is a Hudson native.

      And while some former alder women (ok, 1) liked complaining about HPD and wanted to “defund” them, I don’t recall this getting any traction at all. Hudson is, very much so, a city where the quite crimes (spousal and child abuse) predominate more likely than not compared to other crimes (besides traffic infractions which are also not often punished.

      On balance, I think HPD does a great job. They have highly capable and cognizant leadership in Chief Moore. Could some things be done better? Sure. That’s the human condition.