Monday, September 12, 2022

Following Up

A press release received today from the Hudson Police Department reported that Eugene S. Cobbins, one of the suspects in the mugging that occurred last Thursday in the 700 block of Long Alley, was arrested on Saturday, September 10, after he turned himself in to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.


  1. My congratulations to Eugene Cobbins for turning himself in and I hope he is able to receive good counsel and I hope the victim understands that we have lots to do to take care of our children in our schools before they get lost to the forces of evil in adulthood....
    --peter meyer

  2. Peter -

    You are so on the money.

    When community institutions fail the youngest, the smallest, the least powerful in the community, those institutions, (which by the way, are comprised of living, breathing adults who are neither the youngest, nor the smallest, and who DEFINITELY hold the power), fail everyone in the community.

    Do the people who commit crimes know right from wrong and choose to do wrong. They sure do.

    But so do countless adults, the ones who are "in charge", who because of the letters after their names, their membership in clubs, their over-touted volunteerism and community service, their economic and professional status, get pass after pass when they choose to do wrong.

    And then those wrong choices are "explained" by using phrases like "it was complicated"; a "difficult choice"; there were "so many competing factors".


    And yet, they remain in place.