Sunday, September 4, 2022

What Does It Mean for the Almshouse?

The array of sponsors for Mayor Kamal Johnson's "40 Under 40" event was the first clue.

The Galvan Foundation has a new logo.

Its previous logo, seen on signs displayed on buildings, trucks, and articles of clothing worn by Galvan workers, incorporated the silhouette of 400 State Street, the 1818 building purchased from the Hudson Area Library in 2011. 

That Galvan had elevated 400 State Street to icon seemed to bode well for the future of the underappreciated building, but, alas, Galvan's attempt in 2021 to give the building to the City of Hudson and now the new logo suggest that Galvan's commitment to the building, if there ever was such a thing, is on the wane.

For readers unfamiliar with why we should care about 400 State Street, a history of the building, which started out as the Hudson Almshouse, can be found here: "The Bicentennial of a Building."


  1. And what a lovely, inspiring, improvement of a logo it is! How much time did Dan Kent spend on that one?

  2. Isn't it a wonderful life? All that's left is to change the name of Hudson to Galvanville.

  3. Would love to see that historic structure restored, but the City needs to stay away from any deal to acquire it. There is at least $5-10 million of of structural work required.

  4. Galvan and the miscreants who run it have never, don't now and will never give a rats ass about Hudson or the people who live here. Since the Lantern Group got bench-slapped for attempting to steal its founder's client's real estate it and its progeny have proven time and again that their only interest is in profiting from the poverty industry. If they cared about lifting people out of poverty, they'd build co-ops and condos. Giving not a single damn about humans, it continues to build rental properties from which it will evict older tenants when they can no longer pay the rents. If they wanted to create a more just and equitable society, they would push home ownership; instead, they line their pockets while condemning their tenants to a potential lifetime of poverty and paying over and over again that which has already been paid for. Shame and shame and shame. And yet, like so many of today's "leaders," they dress their perfidy in the language of beneficence. Then they steal from taxpayers.

  5. And Galvan wants to build a 30 room hotel and bar at the busy intersection of 4th and Warren. 30 rooms! No Parking except for 5 spaces on 4th they will take. Because that's what Hudson residents want and need? I have no doubt that the Planning Board will approve it. It's frightening.

    1. There is by my estimation about a zero percent chance this will be a hotel that contributes to local tourism. The song and dance that the Pocketbook Factory had to go through with the IDA was almost certainly meant to butter everyone up for Galvan opening a 'hotel' on 4th and Warren and accepting (quite generous) payments from DSS to house a homeless population. Already burdened local taxpayers, in addition to paying for housing, will also be paying for extra police and social services. Likely, these residents will not be from the Hudson area.

      Find better candidates for county supervisors; the Democratic Committee will be of no use to you here, Hudsonites.

  6. Now that you have resumed publishing pictures of Galvan employees, Carole, please publish any "cease and desist" letters Dan Kent sends you. We could all use a good laugh! B Huston

  7. The Dan Kent Cease and Desist letters aren't even the most unintentionally funny ones. There is an egregious level of bullshit wafting from some of the 'activists' in town.

    Carole, you should really think about compiling some of them into a greatest hits book to sell at WinterWalk.